Saturday, 13 June 2015

Words of Wisdom: The Law of Balance

The Law of Balance: Finding the Middle Way 

If gravity is the glue
That holds the universe together, 
Balance is the key
That unlocks its secrets. 
Balance applies
To our body, mind, and emotions. 
To all levels of our being. 
It reminds us that anything we do, 
We can overdo or underdo,
And that if the pendulum
Of our lives or habits
Swings too far to one side,
It will inevitably swing to the other. 

Millman, D. (1995). The laws of spirit: A tale of transformation (p.9). Tiburon, CA: H.J. Kramer. 

(One of my 'happy places' on Georgian Bay. Photo reminds me to consider balance. 
Photo: Summer 2012. Photo by: L. H.)

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