Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow This Year: FOR EDUCATORS

Although this list is constantly being updated as I discover new and educationally relevant Twitter accounts, I am very pleased with my current Summer list of favourites. This list is for educators looking for awesome education related Twitter accounts to follow!

Enjoy browsing, retweeting, and getting inspired!


10. @LibraryLadyJane

WHY:  She is a hilarious librarian that contributes her wit and intellect to the very popular website and their grammar infographics as well as maintaining her own twitter account. Check out her twitter for helpful and hilarious tweets!

9. @RochelleTkach 

WHY: Rochelle is a Masters student at Brock University and has dedicated herself to improving online education and technology communication and learning! Fantastic Twitter account. Full of a wide variety of #edtech.

8. @mrsbedor  

WHY: A former teacher at my high school in the Upper Canada District School Board. Creative, energetic, and motivational Twitter page with multiple avenues of education information. Looking for a Twitter account to make you smile? This is the one for you!


WHY: Such a great collection of resources for lesson planning. Twitter account offers suggestions, reminders, tips & tricks, as well as links to more in depth learning and information.

6. @avivaloca   

WHY: She is an Ontario based elementary school educator. One of the most involved and consistent users of Twitter in the classroom I have seen. If you are looking for inspiration for #edtech in the classroom, this blog is for you!


WHY: Librarians know best! Jen Theissen is a Librarian at Brock University and specializes in assisting Master and PHD students. Her Twitter is a great collection of tips for researching, writing, educating, and finding information!

4. @crutherford  

WHY: This Twitter account is well maintained by a Brock University Education professor! She posts a wide variety of informational and educational posts. Her blog is also a great read if you are looking for examples of a fantastic blog!

3. @hemremmem  

WHY: Insights from a DSBN Superintendent in 140 characters or less! Fabulous twitter account full of local and globally relevant posts about education, being a student, and succeeding as an education team!

2. @markwcarbone  

WHY: This account was one of the first I ever followed! Check out his contributions to #OSSEMOOC and the wonderful world of sharing information online. Comedic. Informative. Consistent. Always well-done!

1. @Jason_Ribeiro   

WHY: Jason Ribeiro is kind of like a personal research hero of mine. Heavily involved in the Brock University academic community, this grad student has made a name for himself by researching and sharing information about #edchat and online learning.

Thank you for reading! Check out my Twitter account and accounts under my Following tab to see who else I am following on Twitter!