Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Elementary Student Perspective on Internet Safety

Internet Safety 64 
- Written by J, Gr 5

First, I have a couple limitations for internet safety; NO sending any private information via social networking, NO using technology without permission, NO misusing others' files/work/info, NO use of technology not under supervision, NO sleeping less than 1/2 feet away from technology, NO accepting an user agreements/etc. without reading it through.

Second, I have a few and tips suggestions for everyone reading this: Note that children now have more access to technology and that there should be limits to how much kids use technology. I also think that every one should know the rules of internet safety. Schools should teach this. Kids are using technology in schools and in the classroom. Teacher's should teach students how to use technology well. 

I know a lot about internet safety because I saw a presentation at school by Paul Davis. He taught us about the dangers of the internet as a kid and as an adult. The link to his website is below. It is important for teachers and for students to read this website or see his presentation on internet safety.